Landscape Design

  • Consultations
  • Site development
  • Water Management
  • Elevation and contour measurements
  • Hardscape selection/placement
  • Scale drawings
  • Plant selection/placement
  • Budgetary development and proper sequencing of construction/installation


A well thought out plan is based on a collaboration between the owner and the designer/installer helps insure that all the materials - both hardscapes and plants - relate properly to each other, and also importantly, relate to the house and community as well. Proper planning insures that various material options have been explored and the best ones selected. Correctly situating and scaling the driveway, drop-off area, turn-arounds, parking areas and walkways will help determine the landscape plantings and lighting required to complete the picture.

Realistic budgets insure that we are on the same page and are utilizing and maximizing the materials available to work with. A budget will also help us identify priority areas, select materials, plant sizing etc.

Scheduling and Coordinating Work:
The order in which the work is implemented is crucial to insure that all phases of the project are installed in the correct sequence; insuring the proper use of time and resources. As your designer/installer we would coordinate various contractors (if needed), material deliveries and installations.

Quality Assurance:
A properly constructed plan and contract will allow for control over the quality of products and workmanship provided. Our landscape crew has been with Scenic Lawns & Landscape, Inc. for many years, and take great pride in their workmanship. Any subcontractors used will be those whom we’ve developed a long term relationship with and who work to the same standards as our company.

Nearly all our work comes from referrals. We do very little advertising, and rely mostly on our customers recommending us to others. We value their trust and faith and work hard to insure that they are satisfied with our product. With over 40 years in the landscape business, Scenic Lawns and Landscaping has established a great deal of close relationships with past and present customers. We will be available to advise you, and to maintain your project after completion. We are licensed by the Maryland Home Improvement Commission as well as the Maryland Department of Agriculture, and are fully insured. We guarantee all woody plants for one year, and all hardscape work for 5 years.

We will gladly provide a list of referrals for you to contact.

How it works:
Contact us and we will meet with you at your home to reviewyour overall goals for the landscape project, establish general budget guidelines, and if you want to move forward, we’ll take measurements to input in a CAD design program. A concept plan is then developedwhichwe would review with you to be sure we are on the right track. We would get together one more time to review samples of material for hardscapes, and a present ageneral overview of the type of plant material, colors and sizing that we would recommend for your particular project. Unless major changes are made to the landscape plan, we would be able to provide you with an estimate of costs for the various aspects of the landscape. After our concept meeting, we would adjust the plan and fill in the details of specific plants and hardscape materials to be used which will also help define the costs for the project. If required a separate lighting plan and/or irrigation plan would be designed as well.

Our goal is to offer an organized, well thought out approach that incorporates your ideas and needs, and provides an end product that is, and will remain, both beautiful and functional for many years to come.

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