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If you live anywhere in Crofton, Baltimore, Annapolis, and Ellicott City, and you can’t seem to find the perfect landscape design company, then call us. For decades, we have been regarded as the best when it comes to creating unique landscape designs that can make any ordinary property absolutely exceptional. In fact, some of the finest outdoor amenities and settings that you can find in Crofton and many other Maryland areas are our creations.

As experts in landscape designs, we can surely turn your creative ideas into full-color, detailed drawings that carefully consider all factors that concern your landscape. With us, you can expect to have a landscape that will exhibit sound design principles, such as balance and harmony, as well as focus on the functionalities that you need.

Reliable Landscape Design Services

While we acknowledge that there are other good landscape designers in the state, we are confident that we have many great advantages over our competitors. Among the reasons why we are considered by past and present clients as one of the most reliable Maryland landscape design companies is the way we handle our projects.

Unlike other companies that present and consider only their ideas, we believe in establishing a collaborative environment where our clients can freely give us their opinion. Be it coming up with a general concept of a landscape, choosing the design or theme to adopt, or picking which materials to use, we assure clients that we will incorporate their preferences and practical needs in the landscape designs that we create.

Creative and Experienced Landscape Designers

We are also staffed by creative and experienced landscape designers who have drawn some of the most amazingly functional and stunning landscapes that one can see in Crofton and select Maryland locations. All of our landscape designs show deep knowledge and use of design principles, such as harmony and balance, that make a landscape truly one-of-a-kind.

Additionally, our landscape design service is not only focused on certain elements, like plantings, but on the whole landscape features and amenities. These include water management (drainage and irrigation), proper placement of hardscape elements, plant selection and placement, site development, scale drawings, elevation and contour measurements, and budgetary development and sequencing of installation and construction tasks.

When taken together as a unit, the landscape design services that we offer here at Scenic Lawns & Landscaping are the finest package that any Maryland property owner can avail of.

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If you wish to get what you pay for in terms of the results provided, then we strongly urge you to get our design services.

As a leading landscape design firm operating in Crofton and many other major cities in Maryland, we can give you our guarantee of a landscape that is a total pleasure in terms of beauty and practical benefits. You are also assured of positive results no matter how simple or complex the project may be because of our decades of experience providing comprehensive design services.

Please call us at (410) 672-3200 today so we can discuss your specific landscape design requirements at no charge. With our unique and personalized landscape designs, you can have a truly functional, safe, and attractive landscape that you can enjoy for decades to come.

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